Pencil in D.J. Fluker at right guard


It was obvious last season that D.J. Fluker had issues dealing with the speed rush. A move to guard would be the best move for him. Kevin Acee suggests that we should pencil him in at the position for next season. The guys over at BFTB also have some sources saying that he will moved over to right guard as well.

I look forward to seeing Fluker moved inside. I think he will be a huge upgrade at that position. He would be a huge road grader for the running game.

If Fluker is going to kick inside, who will ne playing right tackle for the Chargers? Will the Chargers look to find someone in the draft to take the spot or will they look to find someone in free agency to take the starting role?

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The Chargers could look at Doug Free or Bryan Bulaga to add in free agency. They could be some solid vets to add to the squad and would give the team a solid right side of the line for Philip and whoever the running back is.

Fluker loves playing the tackle position and has never moved inside during his career. He doesn’t think it would be an issue to kick inside to guard though.

“I like playing at tackle, because I can set the edge,” he said. “Me playing guard, I could play it. I’m not saying I couldn’t play it. I probably could.

“But at tackle, the D-ends, they’re so light, when I get the edge on them, and take them out of the picture, there’s nobody left.” – UT San Diego 

Tom Telesco mentioned the possibilities of moving Fluker inside in his latest press conference.

“I think he’d probably be a pretty good guard. I really do,” he said. “He’s a talented player. His future is probably right tackle or guard, probably not so much left tackle. Although, when he stepped in his rookie year and played left tackle he did OK. I think he’s got some versatility to go where he has to go. He’s a really good football player and he’s still growing, too. Not physically, but growing mentally. I think he’s going to be just fine.”- UT San Diego 

The team has options in free agency. They don’t want to reveal that they are moving Fluker to the inside with the offseason coming up. This team never wants to show their hand. They could look at right guards and right tackles in free agency and in the draft. The options are there for them and they don’t want anyone else to know what they will be doing.

Moving Fluker to right guard makes too much sense though. It had been something that we have mentioned a few times already this season.