LA Chargers: 3 early takeaways from 2021 minicamp thus far

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

LA Chargers minicamp officially began on Tuesday, June 15 after the team had several non-voluntary OTAs. While we still have a long way to go until the start of the regular season, the start of minicamp can be very telling, especially with a new regime in place.

The Chargers in 2021 are going to be unlike any of the recent Chargers teams that we have seen. He has not coached a single game yet but it is safe to say that Charger fans feel good about Brandon Staley. Just listen to this man speak.

coach ~is~ the energy

— Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) June 16, 2021

Between what has been reported from minicamp thus far and what the coaches and players have said in press conferences, there are several things to take away from the first two days of minicamp

LA Chargers minicamp takeaways:

1. Justin Herbert is going to excel in Joe Lombardi’s offense

The LA Chargers may have something special for the offense on the horizon. Football analyst Warren Sharp compared the new offense to a marriage of Sean Payton’s pass game and Kyle Shanahan’s run game. For those that do not know, that is just about the best compliment you can get.,

Coach Staley has been nothing but complimentary of Herbert as well, praising the young quarterback for his ability to pick up the offense, his football intelligence and how good he was last season despite not being in as good of a situation. Staley believes in his QB1 and we certainly do as well.

If that was not enough then the final cherry on top is Drew Brees. Brees attended the Chargers minicamp on Wednesday and said great things about Herbert in Lombardi’s offense that every Charger fan wants to hear. Brees said (h/t Yahoo! Sports):

“There’s no doubt his physical tools are as good as anybody I’ve ever seen,” Brees said. “By all accounts, he’s a great worker, he’s got great leadership qualities, he’s got a lot of intangibles.”

“I think [Lombardi] brings a ton of knowledge and experience, not only coaching quarterbacks but also within the system that we ran. I think he’ll be able to tailor make that for Justin’s skills and the tools he has around him.”

Quite the endorsement.