Should we consider moving D.J. Fluker inside next season?


The San Diego Chargers offensive line has played poorly this season. What moves should the team do next season in order to rectify the situation? Should the team consider moving Fluker inside? 

The offensive line has been an issue this season, so next season the team should look for some people that can help out up front. All areas of the offensive line could use some help. Nick Hardwick will likely be out after this season, possibly retiring. The guard positions could use some love as well and the right tackle spot has been a bit of a question mark this season.

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D.J. Fluker played well last season, but some of his inefficiencies have been on display this season. He has not been able to stop the speed rushers and he keeps getting beat on the outside. This was a big concern when he was taken in the draft, but it seemed like he found a way to hide that weakness in his rookie season. This season that weakness is getting exposed.

Should the Chargers consider moving Fluker to the inside? Should they consider moving Fluker to the right guard position like they did with Jeromey Clary the season before? I still believe that Fluker can be a quality offensive lineman, but he might be better positioned as a guard instead.

Rookie Chris Watt is another player that will likely be fighting for a job on the starting line next season, but we are not sure if he will be playing at guard or at center. He was thought to be the center of the future, but he needed some time to work on that game. He has gotten some opportunities to play the center this season, but has largely been used at the right guard position. He has shared snaps at the position with Johnnie Troutman. He could be someone  that is a part of this future, but will Fluker be along his side there?

This offensive line could use some help. I don’t think that these moves can be made this season though and will be something to look at next year. For this season, it likely would be best to get Chris Watt to play all the snaps at the right guard position and hope that Fluker can figure some things out at the position.

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