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LA Chargers: 5 biggest 2022 NFL Draft needs heading into the bye week

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Linval Joseph
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2. Defensive tackle

Defensive tackle is probably the singular biggest hole on the LA Chargers roster heading into the bye week. While the team has options at the position, none of them outside of Linval Joseph are above average against the run and it shows. The Chargers run defense is one of the worst in the league.

To be fair, the Chargers have faced three of the five best running teams in the league thus far this season but it still should not have been as bad as it was. The Chargers need to shore up the interior defensive line to give themselves a more complete defense.

There have been some exciting defensive tackles to get selected in the first rounds in previous years and the Chargers could really get one player that changes the entire dynamic of the defense in the first round. However, there is also the potential where that one dynamic player is not there and they instead wait until the third round to get a run-stuffer.

That is why this is no. 2 on the list. The Chargers really just need someone who can stop the run and sometimes you can find run-stuffing specialists in the mid-rounds. They might not be great against the pass, which is why they fall, but they can certainly help against the run.

It is also easier to find a quality defensive tackle on the free-agent market without paying a premium. Linval Joseph has been solid for the Bolts and his contract is not over-bearing at all. Something as simple as a free-agent signing and a mid-round selection could really help the run defense.

Meanwhile, there is another position on the defense where a team can often find elite talent in the first round that would change the entire dynamic of the defense.