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LA Chargers: 5 biggest 2022 NFL Draft needs heading into the bye week

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Bryan Bulaga
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3. Right tackle

Bryan Bulaga has not been what the LA Chargers could have envisioned. The former Green Bay Packers standout right tackle has been battling injuries during his entire tenure with the LA Chargers and has only been able to play six total games.

Bulaga played the first half of Week 1 in 2021 before getting replaced by Storm Norton. Bulaga is dealing with back issues, however, Brandon Staley does expect Bulaga to be back at some point in the 2021 season. We'll see.

Some fans might rank right tackle higher on this list and quite frankly, I would not really argue with anyone that has it as the no. 1 draft need. The only reason it checks in at no. 3 for me is the fact that Storm Norton has been somewhat decent in his time starting at right tackle and the LA Chargers could pick up a quality right tackle in the second round of the draft.

Bulaga is under contract for one more year but the Chargers can move off of him without causing too much dead money. Bulaga would have to return this season and play at a highly elite level for the team to even consider keeping him in LA and even then that might not be enough.

With bigger holes elsewhere on the roster, I would think that the LA Chargers would save a right tackle for the second round in the 2022 NFL Draft. If Norton thrives then maybe the team waits even longer or does not draft one at all, instead waiting until the 2023 NFL Draft to select one early on.

Of course, this is the bye week rankings. If Norton is horrible the rest of the way and proves to be a massive liability for the LA Chargers then the right tackle position shoots way up this list.