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LA Chargers: 5 biggest 2022 NFL Draft needs heading into the bye week

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The LA Chargers are over a third of the way through the 2021 season and while the season has been promising, the Chargers roster certainly has some holes. The hope is that the team can address some of these holes via a trade, but in reality, most of the holes will have to exist until next offseason.

A lot can change the rest of the way and someone stepping up can turn an area of weakness into an area that does not need to be addressed. However, as it currently stands, we do have a decent idea of what the LA Chargers could be looking for next offseason.

I am not a believer in doing mock drafts this early but we can start to look at potential 2022 NFL Draft needs for the Bolts. These rankings are not only based on the strength of a position on the roster, but the other potential avenues the team could address to fill that hole.

The 5 biggest 2022 NFL Draft needs for the LA Chargers:

5. Cornerback

The LA Chargers are not going to draft a cornerback in the first round but it would not be all that surprising to see the team draft a corner in the mid-rounds. The Bolts are looking to build a young defense and they are going to have to replace veteran cornerback, Chris Harris.

The Bolts are much better off drafting a dedicated slot cornerback with potential than they are signing another veteran to an expensive deal. There are other areas that the money has to go towards (potentially Mike Williams) and it is better from a long-term perspective to simply draft a cornerback that they like.

Said corner might not make an impact right away with Tevaughn Campbell likely taking over for Harris but adding the depth to the position is key for the Bolts. Even half a year away, it seems like a guarantee that the Chargers will draft at least one cornerback in the 2022 NFL Draft.