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LA Chargers: The biggest draft busts of the Tom Telesco era

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The 2022 NFL Draft marked Tom Telesco's 10th draft as the general manager of the LA Chargers. For the most part, Telesco has done a really good job of drafting in the first round and that seemed to have continued in 2022 with the selection of Zion Johnson.

Like every other GM, Telesco is not perfect and there have been swings and misses throughout the years. However, when it comes to draft busts, Telesco's resume is relatively clean as the biggest issue has been his late-round drafting, not his early-round drafting.

There are still some busts over the last 10 years and of course, the round in which the prospects were taken matters. A first-round pick has significantly different expectations than a fourth-round pick. All in all, the list still is not that concerning, though.

Here are Tom Telesco's five biggest draft busts as the general manager of the Chargers:

5. Jason Verrett, 2014, pick 25

Jason Verrett checks in at fifth on this list because he is worth mentioning on a list like this but it was not his or Tom Telesco's fault. Verrett simply could not escape the injury bug, which is something that has followed him to his post-Chargers career as well.

The one season that Verrett stayed mostly healthy he turned in a Pro Bowl season and proved to be one of the most talented young corners in the league. Telesco certainly was not wrong in the evaluation of Verrett, it is just that sometimes other things get in the way that causes someone to be a draft bust.

When it comes to overall impact, Verrett might be the least impactful player Telesco has taken in the first round as he really only played one season with the Chargers. However, the talent was undoubtedly there so it is hard to call him a bigger bust than the other players on this list.