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3 reasons why the Chargers won't draft a wide receiver at 17

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3. There is a good chance that most of the elite receivers are taken before 17

If someone like Garrett Wilson or Jameson Williams falls to the LA Chargers at 17 then they might just take those prospects as they are special and could, in theory, rank higher than a position of need. However, there is a really good chance that there is not going to be as many of the round-one receivers on the board at 17.

There has been a lot of buzz just the last few days about Jameson Williams being a higher draft pick than anticipated. Williams was a borderline top-15 prospect that some thought could fall to the Chargers. With this recent buzz, it seems very unlikely that he falls to 17.

The same excitement that Charger fans feel about these elite receivers with the recent success of young receivers is felt by other teams as well. The Chargers are not the only team in the league that is going to simply take the best player available and there is a good chance that teams ahead of the Bolts fall in love with the receivers and take them higher than they rank on the big board.

Three receivers (four pass-catchers with Kyle Pitts) were taken before the 17th pick in 2021 and Ceedee Lamb was the third receiver taken in 2020 at the 17th overall pick. There is a chance that by the time the Chargers' pick rolls around there will be three receivers off the board. At that point, the best guy remaining will be either Chris Olave or Treylon Burks, depending on who you prefer.

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And while some people are really high on those prospects, they are a tier lower than the Williams/Wilson/Drake London tier. That drop in tier could result in another player being higher on the Bolts' board.