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4 dream prospects the Chargers should hope fall to pick 17

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The LA Chargers have several directions to take in the 2022 NFL Draft with the 17th overall pick. A lot of what the Chargers decide to do in the draft is going to be dependent on the 16 picks before the Bolts. The decisions made before the Chargers are even on the clock could decide what LA does in the first round.

As we see in every NFL Draft, there are going to be prospects that fall farther than expected and the Chargers could see someone who is really high on their board fall to them at 17. Nobody expected Rashawn Slater to fall to 13 last year and he did. There is a certain group of prospects that fans should never say never on as they could end up falling to LA this year.

Here are four dream prospects the Chargers should hope fall to pick 20:

1. Charles Cross

Charles Cross could very well be a top-10 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft but there is a world in which he falls to the Chargers at 17 (or even falls somewhere like 14 and the Bolts move up). While offensive tackles are valued in the league, every year we see teams fall in love with the skill position players.

All it takes is several of the teams ahead of the Chargers to take a quarterback in the first 16 picks as well as several teams to take an impact receiver as well. If three teams ahead of the Bolts take a quarterback and three teams take a receiver then that is six prospects who rank lower than Cross (on the consensus big board) that got picked before him. Suddenly, the eighth-ranked prospect falls to 14.

Baltimore needs a corner and could take Trent McDuffie or another corner who could fall to them (more on that later), the Eagles don't need to take a tackle and the Saints could be one of the teams to take a receiver or quarterback. It might not be the most likely outcome, but Cross could still fall to LA at 17.