Chargers' best-case selection for each potential first-round need

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The 2023 NFL Draft is going to be a very important one for the LA Chargers. Draft classes have been rather hit or miss for the Bolts under Tom Telesco and with the team needing to free up over $20 million in salary-cap space, having a productive draft class is important.

Not every pick from the draft is going to be an instant contributor right away but the hope is that the team could at least get a huge boost out of its first-round pick. Despite his flaws, Telesco has historically done well in the first round of drafts.

What happens in free agency and with the team's salary-cutting decisions will decide what position the Bolts take in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Of course, it also matters who is left on the board. If the team's top receiver choice is gone but the top tight end choice is there then they could pivot and change directions.

So who are the best possible options for the Chargers at 21 while staying in the realm of possibility? Let's dive into it.

The Chargers' best-possible first-round receiver is Zay Flowers

Jalin Hyatt is getting a lot of buzz right now as he is the resident speed demon in the draft class this year and he will certainly climb up the big boards once he gets a chance to flex his muscles in the NFL Combine. However, the best-possible receiver that could fall ot the Bolts is still Zay Flowers.

There is a real chance that Flowers doesn't fall all the way to the Bolts as he is currently being mocked as a mid-to-late first-round pick. That being said, if he does fall it could convince the Bolts to forego any other potential need to add a dynamic receiver to the fold.

What makes Flowers intriguing is the fact that you can easily envision what his role would be in 2023 and then how that would blossom in the future. Assuming Keenan Allen is still on the team, Flowers would have a lesser role in his rookie season, coming in to almost be a rich man's version of DeAndre Carter.

That would give Flowers the opportunity to still make a difference in his rookie season without putting too much on his plate. Then, in year two, we could see him blossom into a full-time starting receiver that has all the tools to put up a monster season.