LA Chargers: 5-year history of the 13th overall selection

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(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2016: Laremy Tunsil, Miami Dolphins

We round out the five-year history of the 13th overall pick with yet another really good offensive tackle. Laremy Tunsil had some controversy surrounding his name prior to the 2016 NFL Draft but has put that behind him to have a really good start to his NFL career — and he is making some really good money as a result.

Tunsil was good, not great, in his three years with the Miami Dolphins. While the signs were there of him blossoming into a franchise left tackle, he just never fully pieced it together in Miami, and can we blame him? Before Brian Flores came around that organization was a trainwreck.

It also did not help that the Dolphins played Tunsil at left guard in his first season. Of course, he is going to take some extra time to develop to NFL edge rushers when he didn’t get a chance to play on the edge in his rookie season.

Tunsil was then traded to the Houston Texans prior to the 2019 season and he has given them much-needed offensive line help. Tunsil has made the Pro Bowl in back-to-back seasons and made himself the highest paid tackle in terms of average salary in the league.

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Again, this is a player that the Chargers would be more than happy with, although I do worry that they would take someone such as Rashawn Slater and do the exact same thing to him what the Dolphins did with Tunsil.