Tom Telesco does not want to trade Philip Rivers


San Diego Chargers GM Tom Telesco does not want to trade Philip Rivers. 

San Diego Chargers GM Tom Telesco has come out and denied the rumors of Philip Rivers being on the trade block. The team is scheduled to work out Marcus Mariota before the NFL draft and that had brought out speculation that the team could trade Philip Rivers in order to move up in draft order to select the quarterback.

All that speculation has been squashed by Telesco on Monday. Telesco reiterated his desire to have Philip retire in a Chargers uniform and said that a trade was not even on the team’s radar, per Eric Williams.

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“He’s our guy. Like I’ve said before, we’d like to extend him.” Tom Telesco said. “And when he’s ready to do that, we’ll get moving on that.”

Tom wants to get Philip locked into a deal so that he will finish his career wearing the lightning bolts, but the only person that seems to be hesitant on the idea is Philip Rivers. Philip is looking to play his contract out. Why would he want to do that? Is Philip planning on a departure off of the roster at the end of his deal? Would he like to sign a deal with another roster in hopes of going back to the South or in hopes to get a better chance at winning a Super Bowl?

Philip may be looking to see that the team improves on the offensive weapons around him. The team added Orlando Franklin up front and that should give Philip more time to throw the football. The team also added Stevie Johnson at wide receiver. He should be a nice contributor on offense. Jacoby Jones was added on special teams. What other pieces is Philip looking for? Would he want another offensive lineman to protect him? That seems like a piece that the team could add onto the roster that could help him out. The Chargers could also look at adding a running back to the team.

Philip is also interested in seeing how this San Diego/Los Angeles situation works out. The talk of moving to Los Angeles has been loud this offseason and Philip wants this team to stay in San Diego. This discussion seems to be another factor in Philip’s decision to sign a long-term deal.

What will it take to get Philip Rivers to sign long-term? Will he just play out the final year of his contract and become a free agent at the end of the season?

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