Chargers: Reggie Slater calls LA the “dream scenario” for Rashawn Slater

Rashawn Slater after being selected by the Los Angeles Chargers during the 2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Rashawn Slater after being selected by the Los Angeles Chargers during the 2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The LA Chargers struck gold in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft when Northwestern tackle Rashawn Slater fell to 13. Many had Slater going much earlier in the draft with some analysts even preferring Slater over Penei Sewell on the offensive tackle big board.

While it seemed unlikely heading into the draft, Slater ultimately fell to the Bolts and it is safe to say that every Charger fan is thrilled. The team landed the perfect franchise left tackle to protect its franchise quarterback.

While Charger fans have not gotten the chance to see Slater play in powder blue yet, they can still learn a bit about the 13th overall pick. Kevin Duggin of Charger Chat, the official LA Chargers podcast of the FanSided network, sat down with Rashawn’s father, Reggie Slater.

For those unaware, the Slater family is an athletic one. Reggie played eight seasons in the NBA and his experience helped influence Rashawn on his path to the NFL. Reggie explained how that has benefitted his son in the latest episode of Charger Chat, which can be found wherever you get your podcasts or on Charger Chat’s official YouTube page.

Reggie Slater said some great things about Rashawn Slater’s fit on the LA Chargers.

Slater might have been expected to go higher in the draft but that is not souring the fit that he has now found on the Chargers. While Reggie said that he thought some teams in the top 10 would take Rashawn, he did not shy away from expressing his excitement for Rashawn joining the Bolts.

“Landing in LA with the Chargers, that is a dream scenario […] We were so excited. If you see this guy he was smiling from ear to ear just like Cheshire Cat. Man, he was just so flippin’ excited.”

It is great to hear that Rashawn Slater is as excited to join the LA Chargers as the fans are to have him in LA.

There are other fantastic tidbits in the interview, including Reggie explaining Rashawn’s decision to opt-out of the 2020 college season, his natural instinct to want to protect people and how that will help Justin Herbert and how the Slater family plans on supporting Rashawn in his rookie season.

Rarely do we get to see a pro athlete’s father, who was also a pro athlete himself, speak so candidly about their son and the work that goes into being a professional. Reggie Slater was an absolute pleasure to have on the show and any Charger fan who is excited about seeing Rashawn Slater in LA needs to give this episode a listen.

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Again, you can find the episode wherever you listen to your podcast as well as Charger Chat’s official YouTube page. You can also follow Charger Chat on Twitter, @ChargerChatPod.