LA Chargers: 3 reasons why Tom Telesco won’t trade for Julio Jones

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The LA Chargers were viewed as one of the early favorites to land Julio Jones when the trade rumors surrounding the future Hall of Famer became serious. As more time has passed and the June 1 deadline has also passed, the odds of the Chargers trading for Jones seem to shrink more and more.

While personally, I would love to see Jones in powder blue and think it is a no-brainer for the LA Chargers, chances are that Tom Telesco will not pull the trigger on a deal. Jones will end up with another team and Charger fans will be left wondering what-if.

Of course, Jones’ production on his new team is going to determine how upsetting it is that the Chargers let him walk. If Jones goes to Seattle or New England and balls out then it will be viewed as a massive missed opportunity for the Bolts. If Jones regresses and can’t stay healthy then it will be viewed as a dodged bullet.

Regardless, it is hard to see the LA Chargers trading for Julio Jones.

While I necessarily do not agree with the logic, there are reasons for Tom Telesco to avoid picking up the phone and calling for Jones. Let’s break down the three reasons why the Chargers GM likely won’t make what feels like a painfully obvious trade.