What is Philip Rivers’ trade value?


If the Chargers really are thinking about trading Philip Rivers, what is his trade value? 

I have no idea who made up this idea that the San Diego Chargers are going to trade Philip Rivers, but we are going to roll with it.

If the San Diego Chargers were to trade Philip Rivers, what is his trade value? What would it cost for other teams to get a 5x Pro Bowl quarterback?

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What did it take to get Carson Palmer out of Cincinnati? The Oakland Raiders traded a first rounder and a 2nd rounder that could become a first rounder if they went to the playoffs in order to get Carson. That is the Oakland Raiders though and they do business in a funny way. They did just pay to have Trent Richardson in their backfield.

When the San Francisco 49ers traded Joe Montana to the Kansas City Chiefs, they packaged him with S David Whitmore and a 3rd round selection for the Chiefs first round selection (number 18 overall). That doesn’t seem like the 49ers got much in return in that deal. Montana was a 2-season rental for the Chiefs though.

What is the value for Philip Rivers?

If this trade were to go to Tennessee, it possibly could be just for that number 2 overall selection. Chargers fans might think that is insane, but take off the blue and gold glasses for a bit. Philip doesn’t have a contract beyond the current season and we don’t know how much longer he will play. Philip is coming off of his 2nd worst season as far as interceptions are concerned. He also has a back injury that he chose not to have surgery on. He dipped under 100 in QB rating and threw 10 interceptions in his last 6 games. November and December used to be the time that Philip turned things up. He couldn’t make it happen last year. In his last 4 seasons, he finished 3 of them with a QB rating under 100. The only time it was over was with Ken Whisenhunt running the offense.

If the Chargers made a move, the team would then have a pair of first rounders in the draft and would get to take Mariota with the number 2 overall selection and possibly could add a running mate in the backfield with the 2nd selection in the 1st round. Remember when we thought we would have Brees and LT forever? Doesn’t a GM want to have his own players to run his team?

If a trade is in the works with the New York Jets or the Washington Redskins, then we might be able to milk another selection out of them. They pick later in the top 10 and we might be able to get another draft pick out of them.

If Mariota is the quarterback that Tom Telesco wants to run this team for years to come, then they make a deal. Having a quarterback in a rookie contract on the cap can bring the flexibility that we see with the Seattle Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts. Both of those teams have been able to make big time moves in the offseason.

What do you think we could get in return for Philip?

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