Philip Rivers trade speculation growing legs


Trade speculation with Philip Rivers is starting to grow legs

Somehow there seems to be legs to a possible Philip Rivers trade. Scott Kaplan read our article speculating about a possible trade with Tennessee in order to move up in the draft to take Marcus Mariota on The Mighty 1090 and it is gaining some legs.

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First off, the whole reason why the speculation was made is because the Chargers are bringing in Marcus Mariota in for a workout. Why would the team bring him in for a workout?

You don’t bring him in for a workout, when there likely is zero chance that he will fall that far in the draft. The team must have some interest in the quarterback and they must be praying that he falls that far OR they have something up their sleeve.

Anyway, all the speculation could have been squashed real quick if Tom Telesco just would deny the possibility of the trade. He could even lie and deny about it and it would be dead.

He didn’t do such a thing. Here is what Kevin Acee said about the trade speculation.

Telesco was asked Tuesday, via text, to quash any possibility Rivers would be traded. Even when pressed, he declined.

He declined to quash the possibility? WHY? If Philip won’t sign a deal, then the team has to put him on the market.

Could Philip Rivers really be on the block? Could a trade to Tennessee really be in the works?

If a deal with the Titans is in the works for the number 2 pick in the draft, then the team would have to wait until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers make their selection at number 1. They are expected to take Jameis Winston with the top pick, but the Chargers need to make sure that happens so that they can grab their man.

Philip was involved in a draft day trade in order to come to San Diego. Could he be on his way out in the same fashion? How much does Tom Telesco like the idea of having his own Andrew Luck?

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