Mystery team in mix for Greg Hardy? San Diego Chargers?


A mystery team is in the mic for DE Greg Hardy. Could it be the San Diego Chargers? 

Greg Hardy has a team that is negotiating with him that wants to remain anonymous. Doesn’t that seem something that the San Diego Chargers would do? Remember when we were in on Brandon Flowers last offseason? We didn’t get mentioned in on that until late in the signing process. Even this offseason with Andre Johnson, we didn’t know that we were even in on the bidding until he actually signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Could the Chargers be looking to add Greg Hardy onto the defense? Could we be the mystery team that is looking to remain anonymous?

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Hardy was facing domestic violence charges last season and was placed on the exempt list for the season. He made $13.1 million to play in one game with the Carolina Panthers and those charges against him ended up getting dropped. Hardy is looking to get reinstated, while the NFL is deciding if he should be suspended under the league’s personal conduct code.

On the field, Hardy would be an exceptional player to add onto the defense. He immediately would step in and be one of the top players on defense. In 2013, he finished the season with 15 sacks and in 2012 he finished the season with 11 sacks. We don’t have one player that finished with double digit sacks last season.

Imagine adding a 26 year old defensive sack artist onto the roster? He is only a year older than Melvin Ingram. Place those two guys up on the defense with Corey Liuget and we might have something good going on that side of the ball. With a solid pass rush getting to the quarterback, Brandon Flowers and Jason Verrett won’t have to cover their receivers forever and Eric Weddle will be able to cheat on some footballs. It would be an amazing addition to the defense.

If the team is looking for an impact player on defense, then Hardy would be a name that you would want to throw in the mix.  He would fit a position that the Chargers are looking to fill as well. Kendall Reyes has been a flop on the defense since he has become the starter and Hardy could lock down that spot. The team will likely use a lot more 4 man fronts with Hardy on the team. He could also line up like Freeney did on defense. Freeney was playing linebacker in the 3-4, but we all knew what he was going to do and he had his hand on the ground anyway.

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