Adrian Peterson lists Chargers as a preferred destination


Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson listed the San Diego Chargers as a preferred trade destination. 

The San Diego Chargers will be looking for help at running back this offseason. It could mean that the San Diego Chargers re-sign Ryan Mathews or the team could look to free agency to sign a free agent to help the team out. The team could also look toward the draft to add more talent at the position.

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Another player that has been mentioned in a possible trade situation is Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson. Peterson wants out of Minnesota and is willing to restructure his contract in order to make a deal work. He has listed out his preferred destinations and the San Diego Chargers are on the list. per Yahoo.

Could you imagine teaming up Adrian Peterson with Philip Rivers? It would nice to have that tandem on offense.

If the Chargers want to fix the running game, then bringing in the best running back in the game could be the way to make it happen. Peterson would be a risk since he didn’t play all of last season. What type of player would we be getting?

The last time we saw Peterson on the field, he was tearing up the league and was the best running back in the game. Getting Philip a running back that can carry the offense on his shoulders could get Philip Rivers time to throw the football and pick apart defenses. Having a quarterback like Philip would be something that Peterson has never had either.

They would be a good pairing and would help this offense move down the field. Peterson still is 29 years old and will have a few good seasons under his belt. Will Tom Telesco want to bring in Peterson to San Diego though? Is that the type of player that he is willing to make a move on?

What do you guys think of the possibility of Peterson?

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