Should the Chargers show interest in Brian Orakpo?


The San Diego Chargers need help getting to the quarterback on defense. Washington Redskins LB Brian Orakpo will be a free agent and could test the waters. 

Should the San Diego Chargers take a chance on another veteran? Should they take a chance on another player that has had injury concerns in the past, but has proven that they can make an impact if they are on the field.

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The last time the Chargers made that choice, they signed Dwight Freeney onto the roster to help with the pass rush. The team still could use help in the pass rush department and Freeney is a free agent now. The team likely should look in another direction for a pass rush and they could look at a few people in free agency.

Could the Chargers call on former Washington Redskins LB Brian Orakpo? Orakpo doesn’t come with the same amount of mileage that Freeney brought over, but he still has shown that he can be an impact player.

Tom Telesco has not been aggressive in free agency in his first 2 offseasons with the team. Making a move on Orakpo would be far from aggressive. It actually is a move that we have seen the team make over and over.

Orakpo will come at a bargain and will want to prove his value. He would likely want to sign for a short term deal and hope to make money the next time he becomes a free agent. It would be a “PROVE IT” type deal for Orakpo.

Orakpo didn’t play last season because of a pectoral injury. In 2013, he finished the season with 10 sacks. He only was able to play in a couple of games in 2012. For the last 3 seasons, Orakpo has only played in 17 games. This is where Chargers fans will hate it. This is where the fans will complain about getting another injury prone player. He has been injury prone for the last 3 seasons. He played on full season in between a couple of seasons where he sat on the bench.

Are the injuries behind him now?

Getting top notch players is going to cost top notch dollars. If this team was only a couple of players away from winning the Super Bowl, then it would make sense to make that splash, but since we are in need of more impact players, we are going to have to take some chances and hope to hit paydirt in free agency. Orakpo would be a risk, but we have to take some of these risks.

We were able to find an impact player with Brandon Flowers last season. We were able to sign King Dunlap in free agency to a cheap deal and he developed into someone that we will throw money at. Can Orakpo be the next player that finds the dough for his play on the field?

Orakpo would be an instant upgrade to the pass rush for the Chargers. He could come off of one end and Melvin Ingram and Jerry Attaochu could come off of the other end. The defensive line could use some love at Kendall Reyes’s spot, but at least one hole could be filled.

What do you all think of the possibility of Orakpo. He won’t get the money that Justin Houston or a Jason Pierre-Paul will get. He would get less dough and sign for a shorter time. It would be a stopgap for a couple of years.

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