Should the San Diego Chargers pursue Ndamukong Suh?


The San Diego Chargers could use some help up front on the defensive line, should they pursue Ndamukong Suh in free agency? 

As we all know the Charges have enough cap space this off-season to make a splash in free agency. They will use some of that money to re-sign their own guys like Brandon Flowers, King Dunlap, maybe Ryan Mathews, etc. but our Bolts will still have the money to break the bank for a big name free agent. The question is : who will it be?

A lot of fans here wants to upgrade the O-Line via free agency and I think it’s a good strategy. I doubt the Chargers want to start the 2015 season with two rookies on the O-Line. We need great/very good veteran players on our O-Line to protect our franchise QB (who injured his back and his ribs this season because of the poor O-Line play).

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Here is how I see our O-Line for 2015 : LT-King Dunlap (resign), LG-Chris Watt (he is best suited for this position), C (I would love a vet like Rodney Hudson from KC, but my guess would be a second or third round pick or an older vet like Brian De la Puente), RG-D.J. Fluker, RT (Brian Bulaga or another very good player in FA and the Bolts could use their first pick on a LT/RT)

So after the revamping of the O-Line the Chargers will still have a lot of money available. There is an argument that we could go after a big name WR like Randall Cobb but with Keenan Allen, Dontrelle Inman(re-sign) and Malcom Floyd on the roster for 2015,  I doubt it will happen. But I can see us drafting a WR early in the draft if the value is there.

Ok so what about the defense?!

Let’s face it — injured players or not — the defense was once again, unsurprisingly bad this year. They had some bright moments but overall, nothing to be scared of. The biggest weakness of the Chargers defense arguably was the D-line. Chargers GM Tom Telesco already stated that they don’t need a true NT because they are basically a 4-3 D. So they better find another DT to pair with Corey Liuget.

The Bolts have the reputation to be soft. Since they have King Dunlap and D.J.Fluker I don’t think it’s true anymore on offense, but the defense still badly need some attitude and nastiness. Corey Liuget is a very good and talented player but he is a good guy. We need a bad boy to help him destroy opposing RBs and QBs. We need a guy like Ndamukong Suh. No one will be laughing at our defense with Corey Liuget and Suh in the middle.

Take a second, just to picture it, pretty scary isn’t it? Opposing teams couldn’t double team Corey Liuget anymore. What a relief ! And guess what? that would free up Melvin Ingram and Jerry Attaochu one-on-one and I think they would win a lot of those battles. I don’t care about Suh’s dirty plays, in fact I think we need someone like that on our D-line. The pass rush would be better, so our DBs would be better. A player like him can change the entire defense instantly.

And hey ! About that… he is never injured!

If you are still not convinced just look at what he did this Sunday to one of the best O-Line in the NFL (Cowboys). Two sacks and he was awesome against the run. And if you watched his press conference who saw that he hates to loose. We need player like that on our team.

If Suh does hit free agency and I do think he will, I say break the bank for him !!!

Who’s with me?

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