San Diego Mayor: We Need A New Stadium


San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer went on the Scott and B.R. Show last night and dove right in to this stadium issue that’s been plaguing both the city of San Diego and the San Diego Chargers.

To much surprise, Mayor Faulconer owned up to the fact that San Diego needs a new stadium, and that “it has to get done”. That’s definitely something new as opposed to the usual “wait and see ” mentality that has been the case for the past 14 years when it comes to a new stadium.

The big issue here: money…as it always is. The fact is, the Chargers mean a lot to San Diego, and for those that aren’t fans, they should mean something to you too because of that same reason: money.

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The Chargers are a San Diego business. They employ a lot of people, put fans (of all kinds, as we saw this past Sunday) into seats, and bring people down to catch an NFL game. All of those people are spending money here, generating revenue for a lot of different groups of people, not just the Chargers. It’s like having a company like Qualcomm or the U.S. Navy leaving town, which financially would be crippling to our economy.

Well, both the city and the Chargers are at their breaking points. Last night, the team announced that they will not terminate their lease with the city, and will be back for the 2015 season. However, 2015 will probably be the last chance we have to keep the Bolts in San Diego.

“It has to get done.” -Mayor Kevin Faulconer

The NFL has made it known to everybody and their mother that they will be back in Los Angeles by 2016 with at least one, maybe two franchises. Team owner Dean Spanos claims that over 30% of their business comes from the Los Angeles market, which would be financially catastrophic to the Chargers if another franchise moves just 100 miles away, which will ultimately leave them no choice but to move up north first to beat that franchise to the punch.

The Solution? It might be a complicated issue, but it can be done, and surely must get done, according to the Mayor. Faulconer mentioned that in order for it to get done, everybody needs to come together and leave nothing off the table. And he’s pretty spot on. All parties must get involved in order to make this happen. The City, the County, the Chargers, the NFL, and the Spanos Family. Even you too San Diego State.

2015 will be the year of action on this whole issue. If not, we might as well say good-bye to Rivers and company.