NFL analysts give this Chargers draft pick a failing grade

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There was a lot of pressure on the Chargers to put together a great 2024 draft class under new head coach Jim Harbaugh, especially after falling to a 5-12 record to end last season.

With a high first round pick and a trade up in round 2, they were able to get some of the top ranked players of the class, prompting high grades from analysts and fans.

But not all of their selections were viewed in high regard.

Despite filling nearly all of their most pressing needs, which earned top grades from experts around the league, their decision to add a secondary player in the mid-rounds was not well received, which earned a failing grade.

NFL analysts give this Chargers draft pick a failing grade

The 33rd team released their draft class grades in recent days, reviewing every team's draft class and awarding a score based on the pick. The Chargers received mostly excellent feedback until their fifth-round pick, cornerback Tarheeb Still, which the group graded an F.

Fans quickly responded with confusion regarding most grades, mainly running back Kimani Vidal receiving a D in the sixth round and Brenden Rice, who had been projected as a fourth-round selection, receiving a C+.

Then there's the F for Still, who most believe was given such a low score because his selection was considered "a reach" by most, on top of him not feeling like a good fit for the defense.

The cornerback has excited some fans with what he's shown during his college career, but he's far from a roster lock, which might also affect The 33rd Team's grading. Then there's also the fact that they drafted another cornerback just three picks later, Notre Dame's Cam Hart.

That could indicate that the team isn't completely sold on what Still can do for the team, so they drafted a more highly regarded guy in case it doesn't work out.