Chargers instantly justify Tarheeb Still by drafting Cam Hart: Grade and analysis

Notre Dame v Stanford
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After taking defensive lineman Justin Eboigbe in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft the LA Chargers made a surprising selection with Tarheeb Still in the fifth round. While the Chargers needed a corner, the fit did not make a lot of sense and the team seemingly passed on better cornerbacks who were on the board.

It did not take long for the Chargers to justify the Still selection by taking Notre Dame cornerback Cam Hart just three picks later with the 140th pick. Hart is the corner that many fans wanted the team to draft in the fourth, and then again in the fifth, so it is safe to say this is a popular pick.

The Still pick may not have made a lot of sense by itself, but in the bigger picture, it makes sense with Hart also being picked. Let's dive into the grade for Hart, and why Chargers fans love the selection so much.

Chargers draft grade for Cam Hart: A

Just because the grade is an A does not mean that Cam Hart is going to be this amazing contributor in his first year with the team. In fact, Hart shouldn't start in year one as the main focus should be developing for the future.

That being said, the Chargers' cornerback room is so thin that Hart may be forced to play more in his rookie season than expected. If Hart is coming along quicker than expected it will be for the better as he has legitimate outside corner size who can leverage that into productive play.

The traits are all there for Hart. While his 40-yard-dash time was not great, his athleticism still jumps off the tape and it pairs nicely with his six-foot-three size. The Chargers are going to have to work on his game to minimize his faults but there is a lot of potential for Hart once Jesse Minter gets his hands on him.

Hart has a higher ceiling than Still but Still will likely get more playing time in 2024. Still will be in the mix at slot corner and he may outright win the job with a good camp. His ceiling is being a productive slot corner, whereas Hart's traits could lead him to be a true starting-caliber outside cornerback.

It may be a slow rookie year for Hart in 2024 but that won't make this a bad selection. The Chargers are playing the long game here and by doing so, the team just bolstered the depleted secondary.

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