Keenan Allen tweet calling out Chiefs goes viral after KC's Super Bowl win

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

There is something about the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl and Keenan Allen going viral for a Chiefs-related tweet in the near aftermath.

Last year, Allen gave Chargers fans a heart attack with his tweet congratulating Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs like it was some kind of warning sign. At the time, there was a real possibility that Allen would be moved for cap space, and the Chiefs had a need for a No. 1 receiver.

That obviously never happened but the Chiefs' need for a No. 1 receiver persisted into the season, through the regular season, and into the Super Bowl. It didn't matter. Kansas City has Mahomes; behind his superhuman play and a strong defense, the Chiefs were able to win their third Super Bowl in five years.

This is back-to-back Super Bowls for the Chiefs without Tyreek Hill, which is why there was a need for a WR1 in the first place. Kansas City is proving that the team didn't need Hill, which is why Allen is once again going viral. Shortly after the Hill trade, Allen warned that it would expose some people. That obviously hasn't happened.

Keenan Allen couldn't have been more wrong about the Chiefs

To be fair to Allen, it really did seem like the Chiefs were about to enter a downward swing. With no Hill and Travis Kelce only getting older, Kansas City looked vulnerable and looked like the team had to undergo a one or two-year rebuild.

Instead, they went out and won back-to-back Super Bowls. All the dreams that Chargers fans had of asserting dominance in the AFC West have been crushed, as this is still the Chiefs division and the Chiefs league. Everything goes through them, and unfortunately, the Chargers have to play them twice a year.

Thankfully, the Chargers at least have the building blocks to be the next version of the Chiefs. That does not guarantee anything for the Bolts, but it is at least promising knowing that the team has all the right pieces to make a run to the Super Bowl at least once.

Heck, maybe the only thing missing for the Chargers is a trade where they send out a Pro Bowl receiver. Mike Williams is destined to be let go for cap reasons, so perhaps the Chargers have to work overtime to find a trade partner for him.

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