Chargers fans are madly panicking over Keenan Allen's Chiefs tweet

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

Much to the chagrin of LA Chargers fans, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to outlast the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII to win the team's second ring of the Patrick Mahomes-Andy Reid era. This year was even sweeter for Chiefs fans, who had to hear about the rest of the AFC West loading up on talent all offseason.

It is safe to say that every Chargers fan had a rooting interest in this game and it was against the Chiefs. Not only is this another feather in the team's cap, but there were several former Chargers, both players and coaches, that could have won their first Super Bowl.

Despite that connection to some of his former coaches and teammates, Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen did not hesitate to congratulate the Chiefs after their Super Bowl win. And in typical social media fashion, the tweet is getting blown out of proportion by some Chargers fans.

Not all fans are overreacting to this congratulatory tweet from Allen but if you scroll through the long list of replies you will see quite a lot of fans who are unhappy with Allen calling him "Patty Mahomeboy".

Keenan Allen's Chargers' future is in the spotlight this offseason.

If this was Justin Herbert or Derwin James the reaction would not have nearly been the same. However, Keenan Allen's future with the team is already in the spotlight this offseason, which amplifies every small tweet he makes (like this one).

The Chargers need to free up over $20 million in cap space this offseason and Allen has become a prime potential candidate to be cut or traded. While there are several reasons against cutting Allen, sometimes in the NFL teams have to make a tough business decision.

If Allen were to be cut by the Chargers then there is no guarantee that he wouldn't sign with the Chiefs. Kansas City does not have the cap space to bring in an expensive WR1 but if he is willing to take a pay cut, and essentially replace Juju Smith-Schuster's cap hit, then it could be a possibility.

If you are Keenan Allen of course you are going to be intrigued by the Chiefs. They have been the most successful team of the last five years and Mahomes is one of very few quarterbacks that would actually be an upgrade from Justin Herbert.

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Certain Chargers fans need to remember that when they are petitioning for the team to move on from Allen and draft a first-round receiver. Sure, it might free up money, but then we have to live with Allen potentially becoming a hated rival.