Jim Harbaugh's silence all but confirms departure of this Chargers star

Players who we all expect to be gone have been given praise, or at the very least been mentioned by the new Chargers head coach. Receiver Mike Williams has not been so lucky. Is this a sign his time in the powder blue is coming to an end?
Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh as Head Coach
Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh as Head Coach / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The hiring of Jim Harbaugh has been nothing short of Christmas in the offseason for Chargers fans and players alike. While certain players have both spoken to and been spoken about by the new head coach, others have not been as lucky.

Players like Keenan Allen and Derwin James have been praised by Harbaugh on multiple occasions. This goes to show just how much he values them as well as the increased likeliness that they remain with the team amid this organizational shift.

Unfortunately, coach Harbaugh has been as quiet as can be when it comes to receiver Mike Williams. The contested catch king (hopefully not up for debate) is going into this offseason with major questions about his Chargers' future. After his introductory press conference on Thursday, Harbaugh has provided zero insight or opinion on Williams at all.

Even players who are likely still going to be playing elsewhere such as Khalil Mack and Austin Ekeler received praise from the new head coach. Williams is hitting the wrong side of 30, and his cap hit is just much too high for the new JH duo of Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz to swallow when the roster needs to improve in as many spots as it does.

Jim Harbaugh's silence on Mike Williams is telling of his Chargers future

While the likely departure of Mike Williams is no surprise, it does not make it any less sad to see him go. Williams came into the NFL with question marks and health concerns, but fan can’t help but remember his good times in LA.

Williams has accumulated quite the highlight real, being the contested catch king (yes, I feel so strongly it had to be said twice) since he hit his stride in year two. There were times throughout his Chargers tenure that felt like pure magic, and then there were times when we weren't even sure he checked into the game.

I'm not sure anyone can have the players be 100% at fault during the coaching nightmare of what feels like the last 130 years. Regardless of the reason, he was always the clear-cut number two wideout, despite being younger and more athletic than (seemingly ageless) Keenan Allen.

Finishing out his Chargers tenure with a torn ACL is always going to sting, but with Williams hitting the wrong side of 30 in both age and millions of dollars against the cap, there is no decision to be made here.

Maybe it is just an overreaction, maybe it is just taking a bit longer than expected for Harbaugh to mention Williams. Who knows, by the time this piece is out, the head coach may be heaping praise on him and this will all just be one big overreaction.

However, given his age, his injury history, his astronomical cap hit, and Harbaugh’s radio silence, it is looking like Mike Williams' time as a Charger is coming to an end soon.

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