Joey Bosa's NSFW altercation with Eagles fan is an awful look for Chargers

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After being eliminated with a historic comeback in the Wild Card Round, LA Chargers' edge rusher Joey Bosa has still been showing up to playoff games to support his brother Nick Bosa. Bosa was in San Francisco to support his brother in the NFC Divisional Round game and made the flight out to Philadelphia for the NFC Championship.

Philly fans are known as being some of the rowdiest in the entire country and Bosa being there in the public made him an easy target. Some Eagles fans spotted Bosa and his family before entering the stadium on Sunday and made sure to give him an old Philadelphia welcome.

Bosa didn't just brush off the insults and walk into the stadium, though. The Chargers' Pro Bowler engaged with the Philly faithful in a back-and-forth exchange with real heat behind it. Bosa did not mince words for the Philly heckler, at one point calling the fan broke with a not-so-friendly expletive attached.

Joey Bosa's altercation with an Eagles fan is an awful look for the Chargers.

Some Chargers fans may watch this and may think it is great. Joey Bosa stood up for himself, his brother and the Chargers and clapped back to a heckling Philly sports fan. Putting rowdy fans in their place has become a fun trend to watch in the sports world in recent years.

That being said, Bosa has to read the room and with everything that has gone on over the last few weeks, this is not the best of moves. This is coming after Bosa's anger got the best of him in the Chargers game and played a big part in why the team lost in the first place.

When you are coming off of a game like that (in which he didn't play very well mind you), the last thing you should be doing is getting into an expletive-filled argument with a fan of a team you are not even playing. I get defending his brother and himself but stooping down to this fan's level is a bad look.

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The fan in question definitely is not in the right in this situation but Bosa still took the bait and made himself (and the Chargers) look bad in the process.