's latest mock draft has Chargers making ludicrous selection

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Unfortunately, the LA Chargers' season ended much sooner than fans were hoping for and instead of continuing on with playoff coverage, the coverage has shifted to a more offseason-centric approach.

Right now, the biggest storyline surrounding the Chargers is the team's search for an offensive coordinator to replace Joe Lombardi. That is the first hurdle the team must clear before embarking on what will be an important offseason for Brandon Staley, Tom Telesco and their futures with the Chargers.

While a lot is still going to happen until the 2023 NFL Draft, it is never too early for NFL outlets to throw together a mock draft.'s Bucky Brooks put together his first mock draft of the offseason and is kicking things off with a bang, giving the Chargers a ludicrous selection with the 21st overall pick.

Chargers draft RB Bijan Robinson in's mock draft.

Some Chargers fans may not view this as a ludicrous selection, especially considering that Bijan Robinson is a very talented player. After all, how can you watch a player like this and not be excited aout what he can bring to the table in the NFL?

Robinson will find the right home in the NFL and has the skill set to be a successful running back in the league. This is not a declaration that Robinson will be some kind of a bust, simply that he is not a good first-round pick for the Chargers.

First of all, taking a running back in the first round almost never pans out. In today's game with how offenses are run, wasting premium draft capital on a running back when other options are available is a poor roster choice.

There are two first-round running backs on the final four teams left in the Super Bowl picture. There is Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who is hurt but has been easily replaced by Isiah Pacheco (who has been better), and Christian McCaffrey, who was traded from the team who took him with a first-round pick.

There is so much running back talent in the league that using a first-round pick is a waste of a pick. Yes, the Chargers need to get better running the football, but there are various other holes on this roster that must be addressed before addressing the running back position.

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The real issue here is the fact that Tom Telesco cannot draft a late-round running back to save his life. We might end up seeing a mid-round running back for the fourth year in a row but we certainly won't (or shouldn't) see a first-round running back.