Latest Jim Harbaugh report is the most telling about his Chargers future

Michigan National Championship Celebration
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One of the biggest stories in football right now is whether or not Jim Harbaugh is going to make his triumphant return to the NFL. The timing has never been better for Harbaugh to return to the NFL after winning the National Championship and there is a great job available with a franchise quarterback coaching the LA Chargers.

The Chargers are not alone in the conversation as Harbaugh has also interviewed with the Atlanta Falcons (and will interview a second time). Of course, there is also the Michigan aspect of the situation, as Harbaugh could simply return back to Michigan for a boatload of money.

All that being said, there have been too many favorable Chargers developments to ignore. Whether it be Harbaugh's reported love for Justin Herbert or the fact that a top Michigan recruit just recently decommitted, everything has been looking up for LA.

The latest Harbaugh development might be the most telling, though. Late on Monday night, it was reported that Harbaugh was flying to Los Angeles for a second meeting with the Chargers and he was not alone; the veteran head coach is also bringing his family, which many fans view as confirmation that the news might be inevitable.

The Chargers now feel like the runaway favorite for Jim Harbaugh

It is not every day that a coach flies across the country for a second meeting with a team and brings his wife with him. While this does not guarantee anything, it is hard not to view the Chargers as the favorites to hire Harbaugh when it is all said and done.

It that was not enough, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo only made it seem more likely that Harbaugh would be the head coach of the Chargers. Per Garafolo, the Bolts made a strong offer to Harbaugh when the two sides met on Tuesday.

As monumental as this hire would be for the Chargers, all the signs have been there all along. Harbaugh is coming off a taxing season with Michigan full of controversy even though the team won the National Championship. If there was ever a year that could drive Harbaugh back to the NFL it was this past year. He was suspended (twice!) and won a National Championship. He endured the headaches and reached the mountaintop. Can anyone blame him if he wants a change of scenery?

And there has not been a job as great as this Chargers job that has come along. Harbaugh has flirted with a return to the NFL in recent years but those previous opportunities were not great. There are some downsides to this Chargers job, sure, but Harbaugh would get an elite, franchise quarterback he can win a Super Bowl with. That doesn't come around every offseason.

The stars have been aligning for Harbaugh to coach the Chargers and at this rate, it would be more surprising if it didn't happen than if it did. Harbaugh reportedly bringing his family back to LA with him is just another development that points in the Chargers' direction.

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