3 Chargers players who could be replaced by incoming trade targets

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans
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The NFL trade deadline is right around the corner and the LA Chargers are at an important juncture in the season. After an 0-2 start, the Bolts are 2-2 on the year and have a real chance to pick up momentum toward a playoff push.

With all of the chips on the table this season, fans may see the Chargers be more aggressive at the deadline than in the past. General manager Tom Telesco has only made one in-season trade for talent in his decade-long tenure with the team. That may change in 2023.

There are several areas of the roster that could be addressed with there being a list of names that could make sense for the Bolts. If the Chargers were to trade for help, though, it would come at the expense of someone on the roster.

3 Chargers players who could be replaced by incoming trade targets:

1. TE Tre' McKitty

Heading into the season it appeared that 2021 third-round pick Tre' McKitty was the TE3 on the roster and Stone Smartt, who had to earn a roster spot in training camp, was the TE4. However, Smartt has seen more play in the offense, getting 25% of the team's offensive snaps while McKitty has played 16%.

It isn't like the third-year tight end has been good in those snaps, either. He continues to be a non-factor in the passing game and has not done what he was drafted to do: block well. As a result, the Chargers trading for a blocking tight end, especially if the price is really cheap, is definitely on the table.

This would likely lead to McKitty getting cut from the roster with the Bolts having the intention of signing him back to the practice squad. While it is never great to see a third-round pick get the ax less than three full seasons into his career, the Chargers have to prioritize winning.