The Bears have a perfect, super cheap, trade target for the Chargers to pursue

Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

There are teams in the NFL who are going to be sellers at the trade deadline and teams that are going to be buyers. The Chicago Bears are the definition of a seller, while the LA Chargers could definitely use external help to make a push at the NFL Playoffs.

This trade deadline has the makings of being one of the most active in recent NFL history as well. While there may not be any big-name trades, we have already seen a long list of trades around the fringes. Player movement is becoming a more common thing in the NFL.

The Chargers could definitely benefit from making a trade around the fringes to add depth to areas of need. As a result, the team needs to target players on bad teams that they could potentially get for cheap. If the Bolts want to go extremely cheap (while still being impactful), then they need to call the Bears for one specific player.

Marcedes Lewis is the perfect dirt-cheap trade target for the Chargers

Marcedes Lewis is not a household name but he is someone who has been in the league for awhile. The long-time Green Bay Packers tight end may have a lot of miles on his body but he can still provide what the Chargers need in the tight-end room: blocking.

Lewis is not going to come in and be a presence in the passing game whatsoever. Even when he was younger he was not a mainstay in the passing game as he has always been someone who thrives as a blocker.

Even at his older age Lewis is still putting together great blocking on film. Lewis, who is the third-string tight end in Chicago, has exclusively been used to block by the Bears and has been really good in his specific role.

Tre' McKitty is not making any kind of strides and if the Chargers are serious about making a postseason run it might be time to replace him with a veteran like Lewis and hope that you can keep McKitty on the practice squad. Lewis will provide the exact same in the passing game while being a huge improvement in the run game.

The cost is going to be as cheap as it comes as well. The price for a depth tight end is a future seventh-round pick that can be made up with compensatory picks. Heck, the Chargers just acquired a seventh-round pick for Dustin Hopkins and could just flip that for Lewis.

It might not be the most exciting name and it won't lead to any highlight-reel passes. But the game of football is still won in the trenches and Lewis would make this Chargers team better in the trenches.