Chargers' Justin Herbert channels inner Philip Rivers when talking about fish

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LA Chargers fans are spoiled. After getting a decade and a half of Hall of Fame play out of Philip Rivers they did not have to wait long until Justin Herbert was under center. In fact, only one game started by Tyrod Taylor is in between the greatest QB in franchise history and someone who could end up surpassing him with time.

Herbert and Rivers are great in their own ways but the two do differ. Rivers was as fired-up as it comes while Herbert is a bit more reserved and calculated. This is something that Keenan Allen has recently spoken about, saying that Herbert could learn from the former Chargers QB.

The biggest similarity between the two is that they produce social media gold for the fanbase in very different ways. That being said, Herbert may have had his most Rivers-like moment to date. In an appearance on the Fantasy Football Today show, Herbert was asked to name various different fish (as he has an affinity for fishing).

That turned into a ruse as Herbert was only asked to name two different fish before the questions started veering into left field. Herbert was prompted to name Magikarp from Pokemon and gave the most Rivers answer possible.

Justin Herbert is more like Philip Rivers than Chargers fans realize

Sure, they may have different personalities, but Herbert and Rivers are similar in that they just love to play football and win football games. That is all that Herbert has really spoken of since he came into the league and he doesn't have time to learn the name of Pokemon (despite being right in the wheelhouse generation-wise to have grown up playing it).

The rest of the similarities will come later. Sure, Herbert may never be as fired-up as Rivers was but that veteran leadership will come. Comparing Herbert, who has played three seasons in the NFL, to the later versions of Rivers is completely unfair.

That kind of leadership takes time and Herbert has already shown enough (like Rivers early on in his career) that he has the foundation to build on. It might seem silly, but small moments like this are a reminder of just how seriously he takes football and how badly he wants to win.

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