Chargers' Keenan Allen goes on Emmanuel Acho's show, explains where Justin Herbert can improve

Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Chargers have one of the best quarterbacks in the entire sport in Justin Herbert. Herbert has lit the NFL world on fire in his first three years in the league and is going to get a massive payday this offseason as a result.

Like any big-name quarterback, Herbert is not without his retractors. Fox Sports' Emmanuel Acho made it his mission to be the anti-Herbert guy in the media, calling him a "social media quarterback" while saying that Tua Tagovailoa was better under center.

This made Acho a common enemy for Chargers fans with the players themselves addressing this ridiculous take after the Bolts beat the Miami Dolphins on primetime last season.

Despite all of that history last season, Chargers wideout Keenan Allen made an appearance on Acho's show 'Speak' and was directly asked about his feelings on the social media QB "narrative" (that isn't really a narrative, regardless of how much try). Allen then offered his opinion on how Herbert can improve as a QB.

Chargers' Keenan Allen says Justin Herbert needs more confidence

To be fair, this isn't an absurd thing for Allen to say. Herbert is rather reserved and he does not have that same edgy energy that Philip Rivers had when he was the quarterback of the Chargers. Herbert does not have to go full Rivers, but having some of that confidence and ownership of the team could help in key moments.

Allen is around Herbert more than anyone watching this show so he absolutely has a place to offer this kind of feedback. That being said, him offering that feedback on the show that made it their point to bash his quarterback for most of last season is a bit interesting.

Herbert likely doesn't care, because it is Herbert and he doesn't seem to care about anything in the media, but Chargers fans have a right to feel a certain type of way about this. Fans went to bat and defended Herbert at every possible turn last year when Acho and 'Speak' offered crazy take after crazy take.

For Allen to do them a favor and jump on their show to talk about how Herbert can improve is odd. Are we sure they deserve to hear this insight from Allen after the way they talked about Herbert last season?

It was certainly an odd decision by Allen and hopefully Acho and co. don't try to spin this answer into some kind of narrative during the season. But they probably will.