Chargers fans' wild theory has them convinced that Jim Harbaugh to LA is a done deal

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The one name that Chargers fans are concerned with as it pertains to the team's head coaching vacancy is none other than Jim Harbaugh. There has been speculation around Harbaugh since the day Brandon Staley got fired and as time has gone on the odds of Harbaugh joining the Chargers have only increased.

There are plenty of potential signs pointing to Harbaugh coaching the Chargers. Whether it be his reported love for Justin Herbert or the fact that Michigan's biggest 2025 commit just decommitted, most of the speculation around Harbaugh has been pro-Chargers.

All of these positive signs are not enough for Chargers fans, who just want to hear that the Harbaugh hiring is official. Even with all of these pro-Chargers developments, fans are still grasping at any sign that they think indicates that Harbaugh will coach the Chargers.

This includes a recent post from the Chargers social media team. Many fans have bought into the idea that the Chargers are hinting that Harbaugh is coming to LA because his — checks notes — love for oranges?

Chargers fans create wild Jim Harbaugh-orange theory

First of all, who doesn't like oranges? Unless you are allergic to the fruit, it is hard to find a single person that doesn't like oranges. This isn't like Harbaugh is breaking any ground with liking oranges. We have been eating them as a human race for centuries!

Orange rant aside, the Chargers social media team is not hinting at anything with this post. They did not go back and dig up an eight-year-old quote so that they could subtly reveal what was going to happen with the head coaching search.

The Chargers are trying to play into a social media trend where people ask their significant others to peel an orange for them. That is literally it. It has nothing to do with Harbaugh, nothing to do with the Chargers being close to Orange County, nothing to do with anything other than a TikTok trend.

Do we really think that the social media team would even know that Harbaugh is coming to LA so soon before it is announced? The Chargers social media team is great, don't get us wrong, but a hire of this caliber is not something you tell your social media team a week before it is announced so they can tease it. This isn't professional wrestling.

Sorry to burst any bubbles for fans who were buying into this theory. Luckily, there are plenty of other, legitimate, signs that point toward Harbaugh coming to LA.

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