LA Chargers get it right with Charge Forward refund policy


The LA Chargers made the right call with their 2020 season ticket refund policy

The LA Chargers and well, the rest of the football world, hopes and prepares for the upcoming season to continue as planned. The only thing is there is still that uncertainty of what might transpire due to the current pandemic. Hopefully, football resumes while players, referees, and fans able to physically attend are all safe when attending a game. But for those that don’t want to be put at risk, the Chargers made the right call when it comes to their 2020 season ticket refund policy.

In an article written by Charean Williams of NBC Sports, she confirmed that the Chargers are offering season ticket holders the opportunity to opt-out without any financial penalties or fines. It’s called “Charge Forward” as the franchise got it right in the grand scheme of things to take care of their loyal fans.

This is a new program that will allow all 2020 season ticket holders the ability to either put it towards 2021 or simply get a complete refund. Best of all, all 2021 season ticket prices are frozen for anyone who wants to make the switch to next year. Hopefully, by that time, the current pandemic won’t be as bad as it is today and things will be back to normal.

The LA Chargers know how to take care of their season ticket holders

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As per that article written by Williams, as of right now the Chargers plan to have fans physically in attendance during home games in 2020. Of course, that might change between now and then, especially considering there could also be a significantly reduced number of fans allowed to attend due to following social distancing procedures.

At the end of the day, for season ticket holders worrying about having to pay for their packages, the Chargers are deferring payments between now and Feb. 15, 2021.

It’s such a great sight to see the Chargers taking care of their season ticket holders and like all the other teams in the NFL, preparing for football games with either limited or no attendance of fans. The truth of the matter is, some fans might not want to risk getting sick and potentially want to put physically attending games to next season.

It might be weird to watch a football game in such conditions but it could very well be the norm once the Fall is here and we have the NFL, NBA, NHL, and other major sporting leagues back following similar protocols. The fact that the Chargers are enabling this refund policy now so everyone gets a big heads up before the regular season speaks volumes that they truly understand the scope of what is going on in the world.

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Overall, the football world is slowly but surely getting closer to watching live football as expected over the next few months. If you’re a season ticket holder and want to take advantage of this new Charge Forward refund policy, the number to call is 1-877-CHARGERS (242-7437), ask to speak to a representative to the begin the process.