LA Chargers: Justin Herbert and former Chargers who followed up legends

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(Chris Covatta /Allsport) – LA Chargers
(Chris Covatta /Allsport) – LA Chargers /

4. Anthony Miller

Charlie Joiner is still the greatest wide receiver in Chargers’ history, although if Keenan Allen signs an extension past this season and continues at the current pace he is on then he will undoubtedly surpass Joiner as the best receiver in franchise history.

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The Chargers did not draft someone right away to replace Joiner, who by the time he eventually hung it up, was not the number one receiver anymore, anyway. The team had Wes Chandler there to kind of cushion the blow and the Chargers did not really commit to rebuilding the receiving corps until the 1988 season with Joiner retiring in 1986.

The Chargers drafted two wide receivers with their first two picks in the 1988 NFL Draft. They selected Anthony Miller in the first round and Quinn Early in the second. As a first-rounder, Miller had high expectations to carry on Joiner’s legacy as the Chargers’ WR1.

Miller actually delivered and had a pretty fruitful career with the Chargers, albeit not as long as you would hope from a first-round pick. Miller played six seasons in San Diego and was named to the Pro Bowler four times.

Miller had three seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards, with his best season being in second where he caught 10 touchdowns and had 1,252 receiving yards.

He did leave the Chargers for the rival Broncos and two more 1,000-yard seasons in him before retiring with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Miller might not have been Charlie Joiner, but he was a solid WR1 for the Chargers during a time where he did not have the best quarterbacks throwing to him.