LA Chargers: Three undrafted free agents to get excited about

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(Photo by Mitchell Gunn/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mitchell Gunn/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. Bobby Holly, FB

The LA Chargers lost Derek Watt this offseason as he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers to play with his brother, T.J. While Watt did not have a huge role in the offensive, he did everything the team asked him to do and was a serviceable fullback.

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In 2020 it might not seem like the fullback position is much of a need as teams are getting more vertical with more dual-threat backs and are embracing less of a physical run style. While all that is true, it is important to note that both Super Bowl teams had fullbacks, and if you look at the list of successful teams, they all still utilize the position.

There is nothing wrong with having a fullback take up a roster spot, even if you do not use it as frequently, and the Chargers are going to need to find a replacement for Watt. They signed two undrafted free-agent fullbacks to fight for the job: Bobby Holly and Gabe Nabers.

Personally, I like Holly more.

You could see on his tape that Holly is a physical blocker that gets upfield and was not just good in plugging running lanes between the tackles but really did well swinging to the outside and blocking there as well.

He also is a pretty decent pass-blocker. He is strong enough to block yet it quick enough to swing all around the field and could be a lethal blocker in things such as running back and wide receiver screens with him swinging out wide and providing the lead block to break the play open.

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It is naturally going to be easier for Holly to make the team being a fullback and compared to his competition, I like him the most to make the team.