BoltBeat roundtable: Grading the 2020 Los Angeles Chargers Draft

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(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers /

Question #3: What were your general thoughts and impressions of the draft?

Devon Auriemma:

“The trade for Murray was unexpected, but he has a ton of potential and athleticism. Herbert was likely going to be the selection at six the whole time, so I came to terms with it a while ago and am excited to see what he can do. I like Kelley but think the Chargers should’ve gone with another position of need in the fourth.

Joe Reed fills a need as a third or fourth wide receiver and is another versatile piece added to the offense and special teams. Alohi Gilman is a complete safety who can play in the box and make an impact on special teams. Rounding out the draft with K.J. Hill is incredible value. He’s a great route runner that could be a massive steal if he produces.”

Tyler Gallagher:

“After making the selection of Justin Herbert that most of us expected, Telesco surprised us by moving up to take an excellent linebacker in Murray in the same round.

It was a great move, but it put the Chargers behind the eight ball the rest of the way. They managed to solve their need at receiver, but failed to address their needs with a second cornerback and depth on the offensive line. Here’s to hoping they will address that with their remaining cap space.

Also of note: every pick the Chargers made was of a high-character player. There will not be any locker-room issues with the guys Telesco picked.”

Gary Johnson:

“I’m very confident in the decision to take Justin Herbert. With some time to develop, the sky is the limit for him. Also, it was shocking that they traded back into the first. I loved the aggression Telesco showed there. He went against his norm and took a player that has tons of upside in Gus Bradley’s scheme. At the same time, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Gilman pick. It felt like a reach, especially considering who was left on the board. All in all, I see this as a very good haul for the organization.”