BoltBeat roundtable: Grading the 2020 Los Angeles Chargers Draft

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(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers /

Question #2: Which pick was your least favorite?

Devon Auriemma: Joshua Kelley, RB UCLA

“This has nothing to do with Joshua Kelley or his abilities. I am a fan of his game and believe that he is a great complement to Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson. However, I do think the team should have addressed a bigger need with this pick.”

Tyler Gallagher: Joshua Kelley, RB UCLA

“Dubbing Joshua Kelley as my “least favorite pick” is a bit misleading. Kelley is a fine player with good potential. However, there were simply better players available at more critical positions.

One of my fears is that Michael Davis will be eaten alive against the speedy arsenals that the Chargers’ divisional rivals have assembled. The Chargers needed to prioritize a cornerback, and they instead took something of a luxury pick in Kelley.”

Gary Johnson: Alohi Gilman, S Notre Dame

“This isn’t really about Alohi Gilman as a player, but more the fact that there were better defensive backs on the board such as Antoine Brooks, Geno Stone and A.J. Green. I’m not saying I hate the pick, but it definitely had me scratching my head.”

Nicholas Buttacavoli: Joshua Kelley, RB UCLA

“In terms of the pick, I don’t hate what Joshua Kelley has to offer. The value is just not there when considering the talent that was still on the board in terms of tackles and defensive backs. Kelley offers rotational value, but also boasts a running style that could cause injury.”

Alexander Insdorf: Joshua Kelley, RB UCLA

“The fourth-round pick had more pressure on it than usual since the team traded their third-round pick to move up and select Murray in the first round. In almost all of my mock drafts that I wrote in this draft cycle, running back was always picked in rounds six and seven. Kelley is an OK power runner to complement Ekeler and Jackson, but the Chargers could’ve waited on a running back.

Perhaps Telesco sees a need at running back more than fans and analysts do. The Chargers did need a more powerful running back, but they could’ve almost certainly gotten one in later rounds.”

Jason Reed: Alohi Gilman, S Notre Dame

“I did not like the Kelley selection when it was announced and it was fast-tracking to be my least favorite of the draft. However, with the receivers that the team drafted in the later rounds and the names that were available later, maybe it was not a reach to select Kelley in the fourth.

Gilman is going to be a solid special teamer that will get minimal defensive snaps. I really would have preferred the team to address the secondary by drafting a speedster outside corner, but I guess that the team has more confidence in Mike Davis than the fans do.”

Brandon Viera: Joshua Kelley, RB UCLA

“I’d definitely have to say Joshua Kelley. It’s not really anything specifically against him, as he’s a decent running back. It just seems like the team had other needs that could’ve been assessed in the fourth round. With players like Ben Bartch and Troy Pride still on the board, a third-string running back doesn’t make all that much sense to me. But, if the Chargers feel that they got their guy, I won’t argue against it too hard.”