Cam Newton Rumors: Ranking the LA Chargers and other potential fits

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(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers Cam Newton Rumors
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers Cam Newton Rumors /

1. Cam Newton Rumors: Newton joins the LA Chargers

There is just too much at play to ignore that the LA Chargers are probably the best and most-likely fit for Cam Newton next season. Some fans love the idea of getting Newton, some fans absolutely despise is, but both parties should agree that the reasoning is logical and is not a stretch.

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From a talent perspective: Newton is a very similar quarterback to Tyrod Taylor and some would even say that Taylor is the better quarterback because of recent numbers, that is fine.

But what is undeniable is that Newton has a higher ceiling. He is a former MVP that led the Carolina Panthers to a nearly-perfect record and a Super Bowl ring. Yes, that was five years ago, but so was Tyrod Taylor’s lone Pro Bowl appearance.

Why not add more competition to the quarterback room? Sign Cam on an incentive-based deal and let him compete for the starting job, and if he is healthy then he probably would get it.

He has a much better chance of getting it anywhere else and would be surrounded by a really good supporting cast that is much better than any other team on this list. And if that fails, if Newton is being too big of a distraction, then the Chargers simply cut ties and go with Taylor, which is the current plan anyway.

Why not give yourself the chance to be better knowing that even if it doesn’t work out you still have the current plan A as the plan B?

Second of all, it makes sense from a financial standpoint, which is not what fans may want to hear, but it is the truth. There is one reason why the LA Chargers were a finalist for Tom Brady and it was not Brady’s ability, it was the money he would bring to the team.

Cam Newton is not Tom Brady, but he is a star, and he would help the team sell tickets at the brand new So-Fi Stadium.

There were initial reports that the team was not going to consider any veteran quarterbacks but Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn recently stated in a conference call with reporters that they are turning over every rock, including Newton.

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Even if the team drafts a rookie quarterback in 2020, even if they are high on Tyrod Taylor, you cannot pass up the potential ceiling of Newton if you can sign him at a bargain of a price. For that reason, the LA Chargers, love it or hate it, are the best fit for Cam Newton.