LA Chargers: The case against selecting a quarterback with the sixth pick

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(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2. The options at six are not great

Simply put, the quarterback options that the LA Chargers would have with the sixth overall pick are not great. And that is not even to say that there are not any talented quarterbacks, it would just be a stretch to draft either of the two quarterbacks that will be available.

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The two best quarterbacks will be Justin Herbert or Jordan Love, who could not be more opposite. Herbert is everything you look for in a quarterback, he’s tall, has a rocket arm and has enough athleticism to get by in the modern-day NFL.

However, his ceiling is not as high as Love, who does not have the same intangibles that Herbert has but has that rocket arm and great athleticism. Herbert at his best will be a solid, Pro Bowl quarterback. If the Chargers could channel the best out of Love and improve his decision-making, he could be a future All-Pro candidate.

That being said, both are a reach with the sixth pick. With a flooded quarterback market that still has Winston and Newton and without many teams needing a quarterback, selecting either of these guys this high would be a waste.

It would not be completely crazy to think that Love could slip to the second round and it absolutely would be doable for the team to trade up from their second-round pick into the first round to draft Love after the sixth pick.

Herbert might go a bit earlier, but he is someone who most of the fanbase does not seem too excited about, anyway. Either way, while the team needs a quarterback, it seems like an overpay to draft either guy this high when we know Taylor is starting for at least a year.

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Now if Tua is available with the sixth overall pick by some miracle then the LA Chargers should not even think twice, but that is unlikely.