Los Angeles Chargers should not sign Tom Brady, here’s why


Living legend Tom Brady has been connected to the Los Angeles Chargers this offseason, which wouldn’t be a smart signing for the team.

The Los Angeles Chargers are at a fork in the road. The decisions that are made and the contracts signed or not signed in the coming weeks will define the Chargers as they take a crucial step in defining once and for all just who these Los Angeles Chargers will be.

When the San Diego Chargers officially left the city of San Diego, many of us understood that change was a-coming. That change has been slow to develop. Not easy to understand or see. Now, though, things are beginning to take place that finally may bring the future shape of this franchise into focus.

One change that I was not at all surprised by was the trade of LT Russell Okung to the Carolina Panthers for G Trai Turner. One thing remains the same, whether under the late Alex Spanos or his son Dean Spanos, the Chargers typically do not like drama.

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Okung speaking so vehemently against the proposed CBA  was not in line with the Charger way. Keep quiet & smile for the cameras. There are typically no outspoken players on this team. So anyone surprised by this trade simply does not know the Chargers organization.

Simply put, this trade was brilliant. Typical Tom Telesco in that no one saw it coming. It could easily be argued that the offensive line was the biggest need for this team before the announced parting between Philip Rivers and the franchise.

Any future signal-caller is going to need better protection. An upgrade was necessary if the team wants to woo any of the top quarterbacks in this year’s free agency bonanza. In one move, the Chargers GM shored up a weak unit and announced to all potential future quarterbacks, “The o-line will be taken care of.”

This instantly makes the Chargers just a little more attractive to any of the quarterbacks that the team is hoping to have under center in 2020 and beyond.

Who will be taking snaps under center for the Chargers in 2020? That is the big question. The way I see it there are two realistic options; unless you believe that coach Anthony Lynn and his staff are truly in on Tyrod Taylor.

1.) Sign a free agent quarterback.

2.) Draft an heir apparent.

Which way the Chargers go will have long-lasting ramifications, regardless. Personally, I would like to see the Chargers draft a young quarterback and groom him for a season.

Is there a quarterback that the scouts and coaches are absolutely in love with? That is the major concern. If that guy exists then the Chargers should do whatever they need to do to secure him in the draft. His existence is my concern.  Which is why I list signing a free agent ahead of drafting a quarterback of the future.

Taking a look at this year’s free-agent quarterback class it is the “fools gold” that concerns me.

I just can not believe that Tom Brady, at 42 years old, is the quarterback that will be most coveted. I understand that he could potentially sell many jerseys and tickets. I just can not believe that his body will continue to compete in today’s NFL.

Add to that learning a new offense and new personnel and it just makes no sense. I understand that the Chargers organization has been embarrassed publicly and feels immense pressure to sell tickets. I just do not think that signing an almost terminal Tom Brady is a good solution to that problem.

Do you know what Johnny Unitas and Jim Harbaugh have in common? Both ended their careers with the then-San Diego Chargers. Neither is remembered for doing so. I believe Tom Brady will have a similar fate with whichever team he ends up with. I just hope that team is not my beloved Chargers.

There is also the financial aspect. Tom Brady wants one final paycheck. One big fat check. The Chargers finally have a little bit of money to spend this off-season. About $50 million dollars, give or take by most estimates.

I see Tom Brady expecting $30 million per season. That is 60% of the estimated $50 million of potential cap space devoted to one very aged player. It just makes no sense to me.

This being the Dean Spanos-led Los Angeles Chargers, I will not be surprised if the team gives TB12 $40 million per season to come to Los Angeles. I just hope that is not the case.

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Will it make a splash? Absolutely. Will it sell some tickets? Probably not as many as the team needs to sell. Will it be worth it? Absolutely not.