Los Angeles Chargers: Why the Chargers could trade down in the draft

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(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers /

2. The Los Angeles Chargers could take advantage of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Auburn’s Derrick Brown is the best defensive tackle in the draft and there is quite the gap between him and the next best defensive tackle. The only other defensive tackle that we will probably see taken in the first round is Javon Kinlaw, who is worth a late first-round pick, at most.

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There are two teams right behind the Los Angeles Chargers that have defensive tackle atop their needs in the draft: the Carolina Panthers with the seventh overall pick and the Jacksonville Jaguars with the ninth overall pick.

Brown is not projected to go in the top-five, so this would be the perfect time for the Jaguars to leapfrog the Panthers, get the significantly better defensive tackle and not pay an arm and a leg for it.

The Chargers are not going to get a massive return out of the Jaguars but will still get something of value. With two first-round picks, two fourth-round picks and two sixth-round picks, the Jaguars have assets to spare.

Like the Chargers’ moving up for Melvin Gordon in 2015, Jacksonville could trade the Chargers their fourth-round pick this year and next year, as they also have two fourth-round picks in next year’s draft as well.

The Chargers would get two fourth-round picks to move down three spots and potentially get the same player they would have with the sixth overall pick, like with Herbert.

The best selection would be Wills and the Jaguars would not select him, as they would select Brown, and it is hard to see the Panthers selecting an offensive tackle after just trading for Russell Okung.

The Arizona Cardinals are a threat, as they too have a need at offensive tackle, but even if they do select Wills the Chargers can get another top-10 prospect in Mekhi Becton. They still fill their need at tackle with a solid prospect and add assets, which is never a bad thing.

Next. Free agent tackles worth targeting

Every single year there is a team that is in prime position to trade down in the draft and maximize on another team’s desperation. The Los Angeles Chargers are that team in 2020.