Los Angeles Chargers defining moments: 1963 AFL title


The NFL season is so close yet it still seems so far away. So as we count down the days until kickoff, we will be reliving some of the moments that have defined the Los Angeles Chargers’ franchise.

Though it has been nearly 60 years since the team won its first and only championship, it will never be forgotten and the record books will always show what took place all the way back in 1963.

It may have been ages ago and it may not have even been in the NFL, but the Chargers were champs. They were champs of the old American Football League.

The Chargers were an original member of the AFL, kicking off in 1960. They actually played in five of the league’s first six title games, winning just one of those.

It was January 5, 1964 and the game took place at old Balboa Stadium, a stadium located in San Diego that is still used for soccer games. There were over 30,000 fans in attendance for the AFL Championship Game between the Chargers and Boston Patriots that day and the game was being called by Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman.

They called a blowout.

The Chargers jumped all over the Patriots in this game and held a 31-10 lead at halftime. They never looked back.

Key Play: The Chargers rushed for an astounding 318 yards in this game. In the first quarter, Keith Lincoln ripped off a 67-yard touchdown run to put the Chargers up 14-0 early. After the Patriots scored a touchdown, Paul Lowe scored on a 58-yard run and the route was on.

The Chargers went on to win the game 51-10 and looking at the statistics for the game, it was just complete domination.

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The Chargers outgained the Patriots 610-261 in terms of total yardage and Lincoln had one of the best performances in a championship game that you’ll ever see. He rushed for 206 yards and a touchdown while catching seven passes for 123 yards and another score.

Lance Alworth, one of the greatest players in Chargers history, caught four passes for 77 yards and a touchdown. It’s nice to know that he was able to get the elusive championship that has slipped through the fingers of so many great Chargers players.

It may have been nearly six decades ago. Some fans may not even count it because it’s not a Super Bowl. But the Chargers have won a championship. They were a dominant team in a league that once existed and without those teams of Alworth, Lowe, Lincoln and head coach Sid Gillman, the Chargers would still be looking for that first championship.

Yes, a Super Bowl victory would be sweeter. But a championship is a championship and no one can ever take it away.

Stay tuned for more defining moments for the Chargers.