Avengers Assemble: The Chargers’ Marvel-ous Mission

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

The concluding movie of the Avengers first saga opens the same night as the kickoff of the 2019 NFL draft, so here’s an alignment of the Marvel Universe with the Los Angeles Chargers who are approaching an end game to get to the Super Bowl with the current core of players.

It’s no accident that the original Chargers logo features a shield. It’s because the Bolts are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

IRON MAN = Philip Rivers

Rivers, of course, has started for hundreds of consecutive games. Not only has Rivers a great mind to master all the weapons at his disposal, just like Tony Stark, Phil cracks jokes at the opponents trying to annihilate him.  We’re just not sure if Pepper Potts would be keen on having nine children, as Captain Marvel Tiffany Rivers is doing with a smile.

Do you ever wonder if the River household is aiming to fill all 10 positions on offense– or are they going for the 53 man roster?

THE HULK=  Joey Bosa

Bosa also has the intelligence for counter-part Dr. Bruce Banner. Don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

THOR = Melvin Ingram

This aligns perfectly with the Bolts’ identity, and Ingram is electrifying.

“You’re not the god of hammers.  You’re the god of lightning.”   

— Odin (Anthony Hopkins) in THOR, RAGNAROK  

BLACK PANTHER = Derwin James

Rock on, Wakanda. Like the kick-ass king T’Challa, James is innovative, daring and cat-quick. And, he’s already a leader.

NICK FURY = Anthony Lynn of course, a former player with the scars to prove it. The team respects him because he respects their unique abilities. And he could totally carry off the eye-patch. Lynn’s own recovery from a near-fatal car accident adds to the legend.

DR. STRANGE =  No doubt this is the inscrutable Tom Telesco.

VISION =  Ken Whisenhunt.  Because the Whiz is not from this dimension. He has the foresight of a super computer.

STAR LORD  =  Gus Bradley is the Guardian of the Galaxy.  He forms a team out of greatly various creatures and plays to their strengths.

GROOT = Brandon Mebane. Few words, much action. Heart of an oak.

ROCKET RACCOON = Adrian Phillips is fearless and unpredictable.

DRAX THE DESTROYER = Denzel Perryman, whose loyalty came to the fore in re-signing with gratitude and humility.

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ANT MAN = Austin Ekeler Small Package, the next Big Thing.

SILVER SURFER = Keenan Allen.  Appropriate for a SoCal team, and just silky smooth in his routes.

BLADE = Adrian Phillips is executing his moves and executing his opponent’s hopes.

MR. FANTASTIC=  Hunter Henry can stretch his body however he needs to.

WOLVERINE = Melvin Gordon, not in the same (Marvel) universe, but MG is the X-man with amazing recuperative powers, and singular ferocity and poetry in motion.

CAPTAIN AMERICA = Dan FoutsYes, a throwback to another era. I don’t think Cap ever wore a cap that said “MFIC”,  but Fouts is the ancestor of all fiercely competitive Chargers.

All of the above ultimately tasted defeat last season from diabolical Thanos, Bill Belichick, but the next chapter, 2019, is about to begin.

In the comments section, give us YOUR superhero nickname for the Los Angeles Chargers’ number one draft pick, announced Thursday night, April 25.