If the Chargers are really looking for a QB of the future, would Josh Rosen fit the bill?


Every year about this time, questions pour in wondering whether the Los Angeles Chargers are going to draft Philip Rivers‘ successor?

Suddenly, there may be an option in which they could obtain a potentially great quarterback of the future without drafting one at all.

The Arizona Cardinals, with new head coach Kyle Kingsbury, have many teams around the league believing they will use the No. 1 overall pick in the draft to take talented by small-in-stature quarterback Kyler Murray. Should they do that, where would that leave Josh Rosen?

Rosen was taken with the No. 10 overall pick in last year’s draft. Around this time one year ago, there were persistent questions about whether he could be the No. 1 overall pick.

He ended up playing in 14 games, making 13 starts as a rookie. The team only won three games and Rosen struggled, throwing 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions while completing just 55 percent of his passes.

But the team’s struggles were hardly his fault. The team struggled in all phases and head coach Steve Wilks was dismissed after just one season. However, Rosen got some good experience in and showed that he can sling it around when given the chance.

Born in Manhattan Beach, California, Rosen starred at UCLA where he threw 59 touchdown passes in three seasons. While a return to Los Angeles might not seem likely, many teams will likely begin to check on the status of Rosen if it is believed that he could be traded.

Reports surfaced on Monday that Rosen’s trade value could be as low as a third-round pick. A third-round pick for a guy who went in the top 10 just one year ago? Any team looking for a quarterback should be considering making that move.

For the Chargers, giving up a third-round pick for a guy who could sit behind Rivers for a couple of seasons and then come in as a former first-round pick would be rare, but ideal. It may not be on the level of Aaron Rodgers replacing Brett Favre, but it could be in that neighborhood.

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For those thinking that the Chargers may not be able to handle his contract, here is what he is due over the next three seasons.

2019: $570,000

2020: $660,000

2021: $750,000

That is his base salary. He also has a $2.7 million signing bonus in each of those seasons. That is not exorbitant by any stretch and makes it even more enticing to try and make a deal happen.

As discussed before, drafting a quarterback in the first round is not the way to go this year. But if you can get a first-round from just one year ago for a third-round pick (heck, even a second-round pick wouldn’t be terrible), then it is a discussion you need to at least bring to the table.