NFL Draft: Chargers will have these draft picks barring trades

The full order for the 2019 NFL draft has been set following the dispersal of compensatory picks.

The Los Angeles Chargers know which picks they will have when the selection process begins in late April.  The team will have the standard seven draft picks, one for each round. The Chargers weren’t awarded any compensatory picks and didn’t acquire any extra picks through trades.

Though that could still change.

First round, No. 28 overall: The Bolts have actually never selected a player with the No. 28 overall pick in the draft, but being at the back of the order generally always means you were one of the league’s best teams the year prior.

Second round, No. 60 overall: Players selected at this pick in the past include wide receiver Quinn Early in 1988, offensive lineman Leo Goeas in 1990 and running back Jermaine Fazande in 1999.

Early spent three seasons with the team, catching four touchdown passes as a rookie. He went on to find success with the New Orleans Saints as well.

Goeas also played three seasons with the Chargers after being drafted out of Hawaii.

Fazande was drafted with a pick acquired via trade from the Atlanta Falcons in which the Chargers gave up wide receiver Tony Martin. Fazande played in 20 games for the Chargers, rushing for 733 yards and four touchdowns.

Third round, No. 91 overall: In 1988 the Chargers used the No. 91 overall selection to take Joe Campbell out of New Mexico State.  He played with the team for two seasons and was never much of a factor, though he did have three sacks as a rookie.

Fourth round, No. 130 overall: The Chargers drafted a couple of players who are nothing more than footnotes in team history with the No. 130 overall pick, taking Dick Drummond in 1963 and Harry Gooden in 1972. But in 2005, that pick was a hit as Darren Sproles was taken by the team.

Sproles was one of the most electric players in team history.

Fifth round, No. 166 overall: The Chargers selected Marcus Thomas, a running back out of Texas-El Paso with the No. 166 overall pick in 2008. He didn’t even survive through the preseason before trying to catch on with four other teams, which he was unable to do.

Sixth round, No. 200 overall: The Bolts have selected the 200th overall pick in the draft four times, though three of those instances occurred back in the days of the AFL.

In 1962, the team took Sam Gruneusin out of Villanova. He would go on to play 11 seasons for the team at center and was part of the only championship team in franchise history back in 1963.

Tommy Lucas, another offensive lineman, was the pick in 1964. In 1969, the Chargers drafted Craig Cotton, a tight end out of Youngstown State. However, he chose to go to the NFL instead, starting his career with the Detroit Lions. In an interesting twist of fate, he concluded his career with the Chargers following the merger, playing for the team for one season in 1975.

Finally, in 1995, the team selected Tony Berti, an offensive lineman from Colorado. Injuries cut his career short, but he did make 30 starts in the league.

Seventh round, No. 242 overall: The Chargers selected Otha Bradley out of USC at No, 242 in 1975, but he failed to make the team and his NFL career was quite short lived.

It would be 30 years before the team drafted in that slot again. In 2005, Scott Mruczkowski was the pick, an offensive lineman out of Bowling Green. Though he was drafted very late, he hung on for seven seasons with the team, starting in 16 games.