Los Angeles Chargers vs New England Patriots: Open Thread

This is the spot where you head to the comments section and talk about the Los Angeles Chargers knocking off the New England Patriots.

We’re here! How long did that week take?!? Finally we get to take on the New England Patriots.

Now our Los Angeles Chargers are out in New England and we get to face up against a familiar foe in the playoffs. I know it’s crazy everybody keeps thinking that the Patriots are starting to look like there are some chinks in the armor and they are finally going to come off of their familiar spot at the top, but we still have to go into their house and punch them in the mouth. This is a dynasty that has done it for a long time and we need to find a way to get this win. Every year, every season someone has to knock off the Patriots in order to win the Super Bowl. This year it will be us!

I can’t wait to see our defense play against Tom Brady. The defense has been playing lights out for the last few weekends and now we get a huge challenge with Tom and friends. Who is going to come up with a big play this week? Every week there’s someone coming up with that huge takeaway and changing the momentum of the game.

Is Melvin Ingram going to be able to takeover the line of scrimmage like he did last week? I love that Gus Bradley is moving him all around the line of scrimmage to get him into different matchups on the field. It makes it so much more harder to gameplan for and it opens up so many more opportunities for Ingram to get the win that he wants. He has been roaming back and forth across the line and seems like he is allowed to pick from a couple of different areas he can attack

Can’t wait to see Joey Bosa get Tom! He came up with a sack against Lamar Jackson and he should be in the backfield often this weekend. The team is finding different ways to get these guys going.

Let’s see what this secondary does with Tom Brady. Derwin James and Desmond King have been playing lights out all year. Casey Hayward has been good in the last few weeks. He almost has the Pro Bowl form that we have seen in the past. Adrian Phillips makes an impact every week.

What are the Chargers going to do an offense? Is Melvin Gordon healthy? If Melvin is healthy, I say we just keep feeding the beast. Give it to him in the passing game. Give it to him in the running game. Bring in Austin Ekler and let him get work in. Keep pushing that attack with the backs and we will be able to open it up to Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

I love that the Chargers brought in Nick Rose for kickoffs. This team and this coaching staff have identified the things that they can limit opportunities and kickoffs was one of them. Cordarelle Patterson can’t return a kickoff it is kicked out of the back of the endzone.

Now what are the Chargers  going to do to stop Tom Brady. I think we keep our seven defensive backs on the field and force Tom to get rid of the ball quick and we just get to the ball as fast as we can and make the tackle. If they want to run it, then I’d rather find a way to stop the run again with our seven defense of backs, then wait for Tom Brady to pick us apart in the short passing game.

All dynasties come to an end. This is our time. This is the monkey off of the back for Philip Rivers.

Who do you think is going to step up today?