Which Los Angeles Chargers players are going to step up against the Patriots?

Who is going to step up for the Los Angeles Chargers against the Patriots?

I love this Chargers team! Every week there’s someone new and there are so many players that are making big plays all over the field! Adrian Phillips might be the most underrated player on this roster even among Chargers fans. All he does is make plays! He’s always around the football. He always gets his hands on the football when it’s free. He is a playmaker! He is a stud!!

Another player that always steps up in big situations is Desmond King! Every big game he finds a way to do something to spark this team. He is a big game playmaker. He’s going to get an interception return for a touchdown. He’s going to bring a punt back in for a score. He always makes plays. I love Des!!

I don’t even know what to say about our rookie Derwin James! Every single game he shows up. Every single moment he shows up. This is one of the most dynamic players we have ever seen on the Bolts. He is a disrupter! He finds different ways to win and he always gets to the right spot at the right time… and we have so many more years watching him!!!

It is crazy how different our team is built. Every single playmaker on this roster is on the defensive siide of the ball. How is it that I have named three players already and still haven’t talked about Joey freaking Bosa. That is the type of depth that we have on this roster! Bosa has been wrecking games since he got on the field. With him on the field, the team has been able to get back to the four-man pass rush and still get pressure. He demands so much attention and he still makes plays. Expect a game changing play from Joey tomorrow.

Is that what playoff Melvin Ingram looks like? What we saw from Melvin last week was incredible! He had a little bit extra pep in his step! He was hyped! Talk about a game wrecker! It’s the biggest thing that Melvin Ingram is going to bring on Sunday is his ability to bring a pass rush in the middle in Brady’s face. That’s where we will find this wind. When we can bring the pressure up the middle, that’s where our winners!

Now we finally can talk about some offensive firepower. Philip Rivers has been waiting a long time for this game and has been waiting a long time to step up and make big plays against the Patriots. This is one of the games where people are going to start taking notice that Philip Rivers is a Hall of Fame quarterback without question. This is where the legacy starts for Philip. This is where everyone will start looking at him as the favorite going into the Super Bowl. The offense is going to start clicking and Philip is going to spark it.

Too many playmakers around this team and I expect them all to make plays. Get that win and move on to the next round.