Los Angeles Chargers team has a different type of confidence

It is the mindset and confidence that sets this Los Angeles Chargers team apart from the teams in the past.

ASAP! Any squad any place!

There is just something I love about Melvin Ingram and the way he speaks! He speaks with so much confidence. He expects to win every single game. That’s what I love about it!

It’s so crazy to me when I see Chargers fans heading into the game expecting to lose the weekend’s games I just don’t understand it. I want people to get some of that Melvin Ingram swagger. This team has the ability to win every single game against any squad at any place. Time to start believing it and stop remembering our past Chargers.

That’s the type of confidence I like having in my team. That’s the type of confidence that the players on this roster have! There’s a little bit of swagger with everyone on the across the roster. They are dripping with confidence and expect to win all the time. This team comes into the game expecting to win, no matter where they are.

That is what is different about this team. That is why this team finds ways to win.

This Chargers team is finally ready to take down Tom Brady and the New England Patriots!They are going to head into the game and get that win. The players on this roster don’t care about the history of this rivalry. They don’t even know the feelings about the history of this rivalry. I remember when Coach Lynn was asked about the losing streak against the KC Chiefs earlier in the year and he responded that he only knew about 3 of those games and those 3 were too many!

What do the players on this roster know about the disappointments of Nate Kaeding and Marlon McCree? They have fresh minds and that is why they don’t fall to the the same ideas that some of the fans have in the past.